Google Drive releases new plugin for Microsoft Office on Windows

Google has finally, finally released a plugin for Microsoft Office on Windows that allows users of Word, PowerPoint, and Excel to quickly and easily access their documents that are stored in Drive, while staying inside Office.

It’s part of Google’s open approach, in which it doesn’t matter how you’re accessing Google’s services … as long as you are using them. This also finally puts Google Drive on par with OneDrive and Dropbox, both of which have long featured tight integration with Microsoft Office on a level that Google has lacked.

Right now, the plug-in only works on Windows (sorry, Mac lovers), and it also doesn’t work on the current Office preview, although Google will probably update the plugin quickly once the next version of Office is officially released.

If you are stuck using Office at work, or for any other reason, but still live in the Google cloud (like I do), I definitely recommend taking this plugin for a spin. It’s even got its own tab in the ribbon!