Amazon Prime Video downloadIf you’re on a road trip you begin to realize exactly how bad the supposedly nationwide data access is. You also will quickly realize you have nothing to entertain your children with while you’re traveling through the long eternity that is Milwaukee.

If you’re a member of Amazon Prime and have access to a hotspot or a decent data connection for a few you can download movies and series for viewing later on. This is also useful if you have internet at work and are anxiously awaiting your fifth reschedule with Comcast to come and fix your non-functioning home internet.

The Prime Video app still doesn’t allow you to cast to a Chromecast though, which would make it significantly less petty, but you take what you can get from Amazon.

You’ll probably still need an internet connection if you want to use Prime Video’s X-RAY function, but other than that and the lack of Chromecast support, Prime is appearing to be winning the streaming app wars.

Prime Video x-ray

Sadly, it’s a good day in 2015 when we see the legit streaming services moving toward licensing agreements that allow them to do what has done via less legitimate means since 1997.

Unfortunately only certain titles can be offlined (anything Amazon has produced, some movies and series) most likely due to aforementioned licensing restrictions.

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