10 cent game sale

If you’ve got $1.60 burning a hole in your Google Play balance there are 16 premium games up on Google Play right now from EA and Chilligo. They only list 13 of them on the Play promo page linked below (I’m guessing to be spooky for Halloween,) but you can click on the developer name and find three more priced at a dime.

These include EA titles:

  • Dead Space
  • Monopoly
  • Need for Speed

And Chillingo titles:

All priced at ten cents. iBomber, Office Gamebox, and Spy vs. Spy (the only ones i hyperlinked up above,) you’ll need to click our links or search for them to grab as they’re not part of the spooky 13 listed, although still 10 cents.

Well, 11 cents if you’re being charged tax like I am now… rassfrassa.

If for any reason you’re unsatisfied, you can return any of the games within two hours and get your 10 or 11 cents back.

[Google Play via Android Police]