HTC Hot Holiday Deals

The HTC RE camera is selling for $50 today due to HTC Holiday Hot Deals (always on a  Tuesday).

The HTC RE is a 16 MP waterproof digital camera which retails for $199.99, but you can generally find them for about $100 if you shop around, $60 slightly used.

The RE features a 146 degree ultra-wide lens, a grip sensor that detects when you’re holding it so there’s no fumbling for an on/off switch, one button control for videos or photos, and it looks like a flippin’ periscope (Periscope needs to do some sort of marketing tie-in here, but HTC’s pretty much trying to fail these days so probably won’t happen).

With Christmas still 59 days away, my guess is there will be eight more of these HTC Holiday Hot Deals that come on Tuesday, so keep an eye on your inbox or the link below Tuesday mornings to see if it’s anything you might like.

You can find the HTC Hot Holiday Deal page here, or if you miss out and still want one you can grab one at Amazon for $95-$103.