Well, there’s good news, and there’s bad news when it comes to the contest we ran to give away ten iPhone 6 battery cases. The good news is that if you entered, you won.

The bad news is that’s probably it for any iDevice giveaways as a contest with 100% winners indicates either:

  • Very few trust us to give away something without spamming people
  • We have next to no Apple readers (strongest possibility IMO)
  • There were too many prizes (never!)

Anyway, we have Amazon codes for about $430 worth of the battery cases, I’ll be emailing them to the winners shortly. If you don’t see an email from me by about noon you can contact me at paul at pocketables.com. I’m feeling exceptionally lazy today so sending via work email as my @pocketables reply is being a pain. Just check your spam folder for paul if you don’t see something from me.

If you see your promo code is invalid, it’s probably because Amazon is directing you to an alternate seller. Choose product fulfilled by 1byone and it will process properly

I was given 10 Amazon codes, I’ll keep a list of who got what code in case many a moon from now you get around to ordering it and you realize you forgot it. Should be free shipping so go ahead and order it now so we don’t find out a month from now that there’s a problem with the code or it was a one-week expiring code or something.

The contest results to win one of ten battery cases had 46 posts, 30 legitimate entries, and a total of 10 people who were not me who entered. Were the contest not phrased “one of ten” Patrick and Kishan would have won about eight cases.

Your winners were (everyone who entered before 8am CST today if I’m not mistaken)

  • Christopher Ryan Frederick
  • Patrick Holloway
  • Kishan Patel
  • Bri Ehrler
  • Samy Farrow
  • Wes Boling
  • Richard Anderton
  • Randy Abulon
  • Chris Evans
  • EVula

I’ll be emailing you an Amazon code. You can use it, not use it, give it to a friend, bribe 10,000 people to visit the site, whatever you want. It’s good for one use. Please let me know if there are any issues with the codes as they want to run another contest for some headphones tomorrow.