The OLALA 13000mAh Portable Charger is a product aimed directly at the power hungry iPhone user, although it does include a 2.4amp agnostic USB port for anyone else.

    How is a die-hard Android guy going to review it fairly? By giving it to my general contractor who has an iPhone 6 Plus, is on the phone nearly constantly, and can’t live without chargers nearby.

    His day consists of using it as a music streaming device, hundreds of before/after photos, being on the phone several hours a day via headset, and generally non-stop use that downed some of his abilities to work when he ran out of juice (evidently a frequent problem when you’re working on a house’s electrical systems and don’t want to be electrocuted, or just leave your charging brick at home).

    Most importantly it downed his ability to be reached. Something kind of important when life throws a collapsing floor at you.

    After several weeks of use the only time he’s had a dead phone was when he left the charger at a job site. The OLALA 13000mAh Portable Charger has survived falls, having equipment laid on it, and generally been beaten like a rented mule because it’s a review unit and if it breaks I’m giving him a different one.

    So now the nitpicking from me – I’m not too much a fan of the cable that leads to the MFI lightning connector. I saw a similar one break once, long ago. Different company, different product though.

    The unit also will only charge at 2amps even though you can discharge at 2.4amps. May not sound like much but that’s ~45 minute to an hour recharge charge difference on a device that already takes around 6.5 hours at 2amps.

    Overall as a charger I’m pretty happy with it. Mostly because I can now get in touch with my GC for disasters when they strike and I haven’t had one “sorry, phone was dead, was rewiring that apartment.”

    Olala has given us a $4 promo code to give out if you order it on Amazon… you can use code N8OIH8UR.

    Oddly that code reads as “Nate’? Oh I hate ‘er”.

    Anyway, you’re probably going to enjoy taking away your contractor’s excuses to have a dead cell phone (even though it wasn’t an excuse with my guy.)

    The OLALA 13000mAh Portable Charger w/Lightning Cable is available on Amazon, and reasonably priced at the moment.