We’ve covered cables that could plug in either direction on the Micro USB side, and we’ve covered cables that could plug in either direction on the USB side, but EnacFire has manufactured the first completely direction-agnostic cable I’ve ever seen and it’s wonderful.

As we all know, a USB end until directly observed stays in the superposition. This is why when you attempt to plug in a cable blind it doesn’t go in even on the third try until you look at it, and in the course of observation alters the eigenstate to allow it to plug in.

USB SuperpositionWith the EnacFire you just push it on in there. The center piece on the USB side will adjust up or down without the need to pay attention to what you’re doing.

On the Micro USB side there’s no wrong way to plug it into a Micro USB device as the plug is more rounded as opposed to the more pyramidal like standard. It fits either direction.

The cables are also covered in braided nylon to prevent snags, damage, etc.

An EnacFire purchase comes with two cables, a short one and a long one. They list them at 0.3M and 1.5m and both seem to have the same build quality, which is to say I trust the cord part and I don’t distrust the plug sides although the plugs don’t feel right. Probably because I’m used to the old observational superposition plugs.

Overall very useful if you’re plugging things in in the dark, or not able to directly see the plug. That said, there’re a lot less expensive options if you’re just looking for a cable. These would be great for night stands, bedside tables, and the computer engineer who has to reach behind a server and feel for a USB port.

You can grab the EnacFire direction agnostic cables on Amazon.