While the days of GoodAndEVO are behind us (once again, thanks Mitsubishi for not responding to our request to get the domain name back,) I tend to jump at the chance to get my hands on anything that says EVO, and in this case it’s the SKROSS World Adapter EVO USB charger.

What this is is a dual USB charger with a base that can plug into pretty much any outlet in the world and provide up to 2.1amps of juice to keep your phone or other small USB devices powered. You can also plug in two-prong devices into it, however the max amperage the base will transmit before blowing a fuse is 2.5amps so be careful what you plug.

No more having to have multiple adapters when you’re hitting a few countries, the World Adapter EVO USB does anywhere you’re likely to want to try plugging your equipment in.

The base doesn’t convert voltage, but the USB adapter lists inputs ranged from 100-250 with a standard 5V/2100mA output so you should be good to roll on any USB needs.

Once a plug is selected by sliding a lever, it locks into place ensuring you can plug the device in without poles collapsing. To unlock there’s a big button on the other side.

Obviously with the Pocketables travel budget being what it is I am unable to test this product anywhere other than my office and see that it plugs into a couple of adapters I have, but I can attest to the thing feeling solid.

My only complaints about this is that the cover to get to the two spare fuses is not particularly easy. It’s doable, but a little ridge or something to give your thumb some traction on the slick case would have been appreciated. Also 2.1 amps these days with power hungry devices becomes something of a concern if you’re traveling the world with a +1.

Overall though, neat little product for the world traveler, don’t think you’ll go too wrong with it.

you can grab one on Amazon or on the SKROSS website.