At about 30% battery left things get odd on my HTC 10. I start seeing streaks as I’m taking video, I get errors that my SD card may be corrupted, strange artifacting starts occurring. Shortly thereafter between 20 and 26% the phone will power off.  Upon powering back on it shows either 0% battery or a boot screen that shows charging and suddenly has ~20% and boots.

I’ve replaced the ROM, factory reset, killed the battery stats file Google says does nothing, and generally have concluded that the battery is undervolting and incapable of holding a charge that lasts longer than about 8 hours now. This is half of its initial life from a year back, and even though I’m a psychotic power user, I was the same back then.

It’s also out of warranty. It started doing things like this about seven days out.

As a good deal of my work is wrapped up in this phone I’ve decided to go to a phone repair place to slap in the $15 part. Good ratings all around, one complaint from someone whose story sounds a little more bizarre than you’d expect.

I’d do it myself, but here’s a link to what that entails.

I submitted some bid requests through Yelp and was quoted $80 by a company with a pretty good reputation, and then I got a call from a competitor who said don’t do it. Let HTC handle the problem as you’ll most likely end up with a busted screen while attempting to change the battery.

Has anyone had experiences good or bad having their batteries replaced? Ever had a screen break? Anything I should be aware of or precautions I should take before handing the phone over to this company?