How to fix Suntrust Bad Request error in Chrome

If you’re in the south and bank with Suntrust, and have used a VPN or looked at the website sideways, chances are you’re now somehow stuck with a Bad Request any time you attempt to log into Suntrust online banking.

As near as I can tell the issue pops up when people change IPs mid-transaction, but that may just be me wanting there to be a reason for it and not just bad Suntrust website programming.

Whatever you do after you get that “Bad Request” you’ll never get back in using that browser until you kill off some site information.

If you need a quick fix, open a different browser. If you need a real fix here’s the Chrome walkthrough

Suntrust Chrome Fix

Suntrust online services will work once again.

Suntrust Edge Fix

Yes, there’s no way to do just one site. Theoretically you can browse to c:\users\yourname\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.Mirosoftedge<somerandomestring>\AC and there are directories labeled #!001 through some number and in one of those should be a directory called MicrosoftEdge and under it should be cookies. That said, I’ve used edge, I have the cookies stored, I don’t see it anywhere.

So delete all browsing content because Edge doesn’t have that feature. (It also may not have the issue as much as Chrome does)