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Troubleshooting USB/BT Joystick Center

USB/BT Joystick Center has become our go-to app for using game controllers with Android devices. This has lead to me getting some “support requests” in

March 06, 2012 Accessories, Android, Tablets

iZettle brings Square functionality to Scandinavia

Square has become almost like a generic term for mobile card payment systems due to its success in the US. The service allows you to accept

March 06, 2012 Accessories, Apple, Tablets

The Mu brings portability to UK chargers

If it's one thing that makes me glad I don't live in the UK, it's the power plug the country uses. While most of the

March 05, 2012 Accessories

Design your own Hello Kitty case for your HTC EVO 4G

For those of you still sporting an original HTC EVO 4G, you may be interested to know that Sanrio, the home of Hello Kitty, will

February 29, 2012 Accessories, Good and EVO

Guy creates Angry Birds slingshot controller

What do you get if you take a slingshot, add an acceleometer, and write code to translate slingshot movements into mouse movements? A Slingshot controller for

February 28, 2012 Accessories, Hacks, Microsoft, Tablets

Do tablets belong in the bathroom?

Tablets have long since been established at being perfect for the kitchen, with various apps and accessories being made for exactly that purpose. I still find

February 28, 2012 Accessories, Apps, Tablets

Duracell Powermat WiCC takes inductive charging to the next level

Inductive charging is one of the fruits of this day and age, but it hasn't exactly taken off like you'd expect. You'll find it in

February 28, 2012 Accessories

USB/BT Joystick2Touch brings touch emulation to more gamepads

The PS3 Sixaxis controller has been our go-to game controller for Android for a while, because the app that lets you connect it wirelessly (if

February 25, 2012 Accessories, Android, Apps, Hacks, Tablets

Kickstarter spotlight: Ubooly

Remember the Furby? Well, it was bound to happen that someone made one based on a mobile device, and that creation is called the Ubooly.

February 24, 2012 Accessories, Apple, Apps, Tablets

Your coat can charge your smartphone, all thanks to Power Felt

Although we cover an insane amount of devices that fit into your pockets, we hardly (if ever!) talk about the pockets themselves. My guess is

February 24, 2012 Accessories
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