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Huawei Mate 10 Pro 0

Huawei Mate 10 Pro initial impressions

So last week I received a Huawei Mate 10 Pro. I just got a chance to pop it open and here’s an initial impressions/unboxing/glamor shot piece

February 16, 2018 Android, Reviews
Android Oreo from Pixabay 0

Nope, no CRAP Oreo for you S8, S8+

The badly-version numbered Android Oreo release for the Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ has been halted temporarily due to issues encountered in the wild that

February 15, 2018 Android
Android Oreo from Pixabay 0

Treble-less Samsung -CRAP release of Oreo released for S8, S8+

If you’ve been hoping for project Treble, the Google project that will allow the Goog to modularize systems so important updates make it to you

February 08, 2018 Android
broken android by Paul King and MS. Paint 0

ADB Miner worm targets some Android devices

With over 5000 infections the initial reports were that the ADB Cryptocurrency Miner worm was exploiting a flaw in Android’s implementation of ADB and that

February 06, 2018 Android
VidAngel 8

Censor the [email protected]%& Out of Netflix with VidAngel

Call me old-fashioned if you must, but I’m not big fan of the recent upswing in coarseness in the modern world. It’s crazy, I know,

R2 Plus 0

[DEAL] BLU R2 Plus is $50 Off

Today marks the launch of BLU’s newest phone, the R2 Plus. It’s a budget phone that I quite liked when I reviewed it. The phone

January 25, 2018 Android, BLU, Deal, Pocketables
R2 Plus 10

BLU R2 Plus Review – Budget Excellence

Upgrade cycles are stretching as people are starting to figure out what their devices actually cost. And with that awareness, the market for competent mid

January 25, 2018 Android, BLU, Pocketables, Reviews

BLU Life One X3 – Mid-Range for the Modern Age

BLU continues to plug along with model after model, filling the low-end and mid-range with plenty of options. Some are good, some are very good,

January 14, 2018 Android, BLU, Reviews
RunPee logo 0

Got MoviePass? Then You Need RunPee

If you are, like me, one of the 1,000,000+ MoviePass subscribers that have signed up to the service since it’s price drop to $10 per

December 21, 2017 Android, Apple, Apps, Pocketables, Reviews
GF 2

Google Play Music observations for bizarre use

Hi, my name is Paul and I’ve got two kids. Hi Paul. These are just some observations on excessive use of Google Play Music. For reasons

December 15, 2017 Android
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