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sprint-logo 3

Sprint is feeling the heat from T-Mobile, offers customers more money to switch

Sprint is apparently getting really discouraged by all the customers T-Mobile has stolen from it, as the number three (soon to be number four) US

January 26, 2015 Android, Good and EVO
No Education 5

CNN Money claims Android users are dumber

In one of those reports that make you remember that Yahoo still exists, a clickbait CNN Money piece from last week claimed that the Chitika Network

January 26, 2015 Android, Apple, Good and EVO
Google logo flat 7

Google’s wireless service will automatically choose the best signal between Sprint, T-Mobile, and WiFi

According to a Sunday report by the Wall Street Journal, Google’s upcoming wireless services – which we told you about last week – would attempt

January 26, 2015 Android, Good and EVO
911 Screen with CF.Lumen pinking it out 13

Wonder what a 911 call on a rooted Android does?

If you’ve dialed 911/emergency services in the past three or four years on an Android device, this is probably nothing you don’t know. If you’re wondering

January 23, 2015 Android, Good and EVO
John Legere 0

T-Mobile introduces “Smartphone Equality,” makes devices more accessible to low credit customers

This morning T-Mobile announced yet another Uncarrier change that it’s calling “Smartphone Equality.” The basic idea is, starting next week, any customer who makes 12

January 22, 2015 Android
Anatomy of an Android Update 8

State of the HTC One M8 update, AT&T late, rumors and conjecture

I’ll lead with this contains no solid information, no directly sourced info from HTC, and I may be doing what several blogs were doing back at the

January 21, 2015 Android, Good and EVO
Secure Settings config 3

Disconnecting one Bluetooth device using Tasker

Something I’ve had happening a lot lately is blowing through my Bluetooth in-car speakerphone’s battery in a day due to my phone not disconnecting when I

January 21, 2015 Android, Good and EVO
HTC decode 0

How to check the manufacture date of your Google Nexus 9 by HTC

The Google Nexus 9 by HTC is a great tablet – I love mine – but it does have some manufacturing issues that seem to

January 21, 2015 Android, Good and EVO, Tablets
metropcs-logo 1

MetroPCS offers truly unlimited talk, text, and 4G data for $50, period

Earlier this morning, T-Mobile announced that its wholly-owned prepaid subsidiary, MetroPCS, is launching a new truly unlimited data plan for only $50/month, period – that

January 21, 2015 Android
oneplus_noinvite 1

The OnePlus One is again available for purchase without an invite today only

Ever since OnePlus jumped onto the scene in early 2014 with its “flagship killer” mantra, the company has had its share of problems. From major PR

January 20, 2015 Android
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