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How to pair a Bluetooth Keyboard made for Honeycomb with another version of Android

I made my first after Christmas purchase today and that was a Bluetooth keyboard. I ended up picking up the Logitech Tablet Keyboard for Android 3.0+.

December 27, 2011 Accessories, Android, Tablets

Whiteboard Pro – Home Notes is an excellent Android home screen note widget

With Android I feel like a spend more time uninstalling software than I do anything else, because there is a lot of software out that

December 26, 2011 Android, Apps, Tablets

Hasbro jumps in the legal battle against Android tablets, sues Asus

When the words Transformer and Prime are put together I immediately think of the old TV series and recent Transformers movies. I had Transformers toys

December 23, 2011 Android, Tablets

Manufacturers, please update your updating beliefs

Contrary to popular belief, I love Android. I really do. I want to watch it continue to gain market share and give the other big

December 23, 2011 Android, Features

Dropbox for Android gets updated to 2.0

Seems like it’s the week for major updates to Android apps, as right after WordPress got its update, Dropbox is also available in version 2.0

December 23, 2011 Android, Apps, Tablets

Novo7 Paladin up for preorder slightly above projected price

Earlier this month, we looked at an unnamed but crazy cheap tablet powered by a MIPS processor that promised to be an Android Ice Cream

December 23, 2011 Android, UMPC

Republic Wireless is truly unlimited now, fair-use policy is gone

If you haven't been keeping up on your new carrier news, let me refresh you on exactly what Republic Wireless is. Started a month ago,

December 23, 2011 Android

Original Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S phones not getting Ice Cream Sandwich, Samsung explains why

Sometimes, carriers and manufacturers just don't pull through for their customers. And when they don't, it's very disappointing and even a bit mean to those

December 23, 2011 Android

WordPress for Android gets a major overhaul

Wordpress hasn’t really had the best solutions as far as apps go so far, requiring quite a bit more know-how than using the web editor.

December 22, 2011 Android, Apps, Tablets

Sony Ericsson LT28at looks a lot like the Nozomi phone for AT&T

The first leak of the Sony Nozomi revealed some truly lust-worthy specs, but suggested only a Japanese and no US version. Fortunately, today our fears of the

December 22, 2011 Android
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