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qualcomm-chip-on-pcb 2

Qualcomm seven spectrum band LTE chip could mean carrier agnostic 4G devices

As you may have noticed, I am a pretty big fan of buying smartphones outright and using them without cellular contracts, one of the reasons

June 07, 2012 Android
one-v-telus 0

HTC One V launches on TELUS in Canada tomorrow

The HTC One V has been available in Canada for just over a week on Koodo Mobile and Bell, but TELUS decided to delay their

June 07, 2012 Android
one-x-gs3-comparison-1 5

HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy SIII: Talking points for salespeople

OK, this is actually pretty funny. HTC has created a sales training document that pits the Samsung Galaxy SIII against the HTC One X, with

June 07, 2012 Android
ics-back-button 6

I like functionality of Android’s back button, but the inconsistency needs to be fixed

Whenever I pick up an iOS or other non-Android device to test it out, the one feature from Android that I immediately miss is the

June 07, 2012 Android
wave-launcher-tasker-scene 2

How I use Wave Launcher to get access to my DIY menu from anywhere

I’ve shown how Wave Launcher works before, but since then I’ve stopped using it in favor of other solutions. However, with the introduction of my

June 07, 2012 Android, Apps, Tablets
win8-metro-testbed-android 0

Splashtop brings Win8 Metro Testbed to Android

We love Splashtop. A lot. Splashtop’s services tend to be a bit lopsided in the favor of iOS and the iPad, though, with apps like

June 07, 2012 Android, Tablets
pvstar 0

PVSTAR+ is a music player app for YouTube

A couple of days ago I saw someone looking for an Android that that would treat music videos and audio files the same, just with

June 07, 2012 Android, Tablets
money 7

Why I always pay for apps I end up using

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that people generally don’t like to pay for apps. If there’s a free version of an alternative app

June 06, 2012 Android, Apple, Apps, Tablets
FishFarts 4

FishFarts Kids will keep your little ones (and you) entertained

I have three nieces and nephews, and it never fails that whenever I have a tablet in my hands it acts like a kid magnet.

June 06, 2012 Android, Apps, Tablets
htc-dev-one-s 0

HTC releases kernel source code for HTC One S … sans US version

Yesterday, HTC made developers across the world very happy by releasing the kernel source code for the HTC One S; this comes on the heals

June 06, 2012 Android
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