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My Tasker app ran 474 actions in a day

It’s no secret that Tasker for Android is the alpha and omega of the way I use my phone, and as a result, I write

August 07, 2012 Android, Apps

CM10 Jelly Bean available for the TouchPad

You don’t hear much about the TouchPad anymore, and that’s because there isn’t a whole lot of new stuff going on with it. Nobody has

August 06, 2012 Android, Tablets

Could HTC be working on a 5-inch phablet?

If you thought the 4.7-inch screen that graces the HTC One X and the EVO 4G LTE was big, get a load of this: according

August 06, 2012 Android, Good and EVO

HTC One X update also adds ability to use third-party music apps in Car app

The AT&T HTC One X just got a very welcome update to 2.20.502.7, even bumping the Android version up to 4.0.4. One of the most-acclaimed enhancements

August 06, 2012 Android

Quick app review: Better WiFi On/Off for Android

There are quite a few apps for Android which allow you to manage settings based certain rules and if-then situations, which work quite well for

August 06, 2012 Android, Apps

Ubuntu for Android demoed in Brazil, looks surprisingly good

Back in February, Canonical announced an interesting project they called Ubuntu for Android. It wasn’t the Ubuntu based mobile OS that many had been waiting

August 06, 2012 Android, Linux

Quick app roundup: London Olympics 2012 apps for Android and Apple

Unless you have been living under a rock, I’m sure you are well aware that the Summer Olympics are currently underway in London. In the

August 03, 2012 Android, Apple, Tablets

Google Listen gets pulled from Play Store, may predict better Android podcast integration

Google Listen, while not the most popular app, still has quite a few users and over one million downloads. As such, when the app disappeared

August 03, 2012 Android, Apps

American Express wants you to know that it isn’t really on board with Google Wallet

Google Wallet’s latest update has made the service a lot more appealing to a lot more people: it now takes all major credit and debit

August 03, 2012 Android, Apps, Good and EVO

AT&T HTC One X updated to 2.20.502.7, Android 4.0.4; fixes menu button weirdness

HTC One X owners on AT&T: Start pushing that update button! There’s an OTA software update waiting for you right now that gives you software

August 03, 2012 Android, Software Updates
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