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siri-vs-nelly 7

Siri meets Nelly

Nelly, my own personal voice assistant made in Tasker for Android, made a cameo yesterday in my article about using Tasker for comic relief. Today

May 25, 2012 Android

LTE Galaxy Nexus getting car dock NFC + pogo pin mod kit via Indiegogo

The Galaxy Nexus has a lot going for it, and both the NFC capability and external connection pins made it over to my mock up

May 25, 2012 Accessories, Android

HTC One X bootloader gets unlocked, in spite of resistance from AT&T

When I first heard that AT&T was restricting access to the bootloader on the HTC One X, I was ticked. Yes, AT&T was acting like,

May 25, 2012 Android
comicrelief 0

Use Tasker to add some comic relief to your device

What was the first thing people did when Siri came out on the iPhone? Ask it lots of funny questions like “will you marry me”

May 24, 2012 Android

With the Linux 3.0 kernel, the Kindle Fire can finally be an Ice Cream Sandwich tablet

As most of you probably already know, the Amazon Kindle Fire has been an incredibly well selling Android-based reader. It is good at what it

May 24, 2012 Android, UMPC

How to replace the screen on your HTC One S

So you bought a shiny new HTC One S, and then you dropped it down two flights of stairs. Or your best friend accidentally ran

May 24, 2012 Android

Living life as a Google user, part two: History repeats itself

On Tuesday, I started my "Living life as a Google user" series. The first post was about my replacement apps and services for Apple's Reminders;

May 24, 2012 Android, Features

AT&T HTC One X RUU leaked, ready to download

If you’ve got an AT&T version of the HTC One X, and you’re just dying for a software update, you should be happy to hear

May 24, 2012 Android

Make your Android device look like a Galaxy S III

One constant never changes in the Android universe: if a device comes with something that can't be removed, someone will find a way to remove

May 24, 2012 Android

Why I finally gave up on Gmail for Android

Google’s own apps for Android are part of what makes the OS great for some people, and without things like Gmail and Google Maps a

May 24, 2012 Android
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