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No one really knows when the Galaxy SIII is coming, Samsung will tell us when it’s time

We've heard a lot of rumors concerning the Samsung Galaxy SIII, the successor to the wildly popular Galaxy SII. First, there was a supposed leak

March 05, 2012 Android

Samsung adds a dual-core processor to the Galaxy Player 5.0, calls it the Galaxy Player 70 Plus

Last year, we reviewed Samsung's Galaxy Player 5.0, one of the first Android devices to forgoe the phone and go head to head with the

March 05, 2012 Android, MP3 Players, UMPC

Samsung announces Galaxy Player 70

It can be hard telling the difference between a tablet an a media player these days. If something runs Android on tablet-like hardware, then only

March 05, 2012 Android, Tablets

Sony Tablet P finally arrives at AT&T

Here at Pocketables we have been waiting for the Sony Tablet P for nearly 6 months. Now the wait is over; the device has officially

March 04, 2012 Android

NBT introduces Minecraft tablet selector

Play Minecraft on a PC? Then we have something for you. The video above shows the NBT Tablet Selector, which aims to help people select

March 03, 2012 Android, Apple, Site News, Tablets

Video review: AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note running Windows 8

  I have been enjoying the Samsung Galaxy Note for about 2 weeks now, and it's really one of the best tablet/phone hybrids I have

March 03, 2012 Android

Android has got to be a telemarketer’s worst nightmare

The country I live in, Norway, has a lot of laws regarding advertisement and telemarketing. Unfortunately, as laws tend to be, they're not entirely idiot

March 03, 2012 Android

Archos releases tablet aimed at children

Archos announced today a new tablet that is designed to “offer hours of entertainment for all ages, especially kids,” the Archos ChildPad. It is pretty affordable

March 02, 2012 Android, Tablets

Samsung wins one and loses one in ongoing Apple patent battle

Ah yes, more patent news. Every single day numerous companies in the tech world sue one another, with one of the biggest battles occurring between

March 02, 2012 Android, Apple

Archos Arnova 7c G3 has a 7-inch screen, runs Android 4.0

Archos has had a long history of producing pretty decent tablets at a relatively affordable price. Recently, however, the company has stayed out of the

March 02, 2012 Android, UMPC
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