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Microsoft wins import ban against Motorola Android devices

Just a few days ago, Apple put one of its patents to good use, blocking some HTC devices (namely the EVO 4G LTE) from being

May 21, 2012 Android, Microsoft
0 Review: HTC One S for T-Mobile US Overall Score

Review: HTC One S for T-Mobile US

It’s been just under a month since the HTC One S was released on T-Mobile, which is just enough time to get a true feel

May 21, 2012 Android, Reviews

Samsung S Voice app pulled out of stock firmware, ready for installation on other devices [Updated]

Samsung's Galaxy S III may have some nice new hardware, but many of the devices new features were actually new software. This includes Samsung's S

May 21, 2012 Android

CordLite cable for Apple devices has integrated touch activated LED lighting

Have you ever fumbled around to plug in your phone when it's dark? I know I have, in fact it has become something of a

May 20, 2012 Accessories, Android, Apple

Ben Heck creates Android-controlled pot stiring machine

Benjamin Heckendorn has been a geek celebrity for years now due to his various game console mods, which lead to him getting his own podcast

May 20, 2012 Accessories, Android

Sony Tablet P getting Ice Cream Sandwich May 24th

We've always really liked Sony's Tablet P here at Pocketables, from the dual-screen clamshell design to the sturdy Sony build quality. However, while the included

May 18, 2012 Android, UMPC

Create a remotely activated panic mode using Tasker (Android)

Tracking lost phones is big business these days, with companies like Apple and Samsung having their own services to handle it right out of the

May 18, 2012 Android

RIM, Motorola, Nokia, and Apple may finally be coming together on a SIM card standard

Last week, Calob experienced the annoyance of inconsistent "standards" in the mobile industry when he tried to switch from his iPhone to a Galaxy Nexus.

May 18, 2012 Accessories, Android, Apple

T-Mobile HTC One S is BOGO starting today

T-Mobile always seems to have some amazing smartphone deals, and the latest one can net you a free HTC One S: starting today, May 18,

May 18, 2012 Android

TWRP ported to Dell Streak 7

We all love our Dell Streak 7s, but one thing that was missing was TWRP: the Team Win Recovery Project. This is a highly-customizable, touch-enabled

May 18, 2012 Android, StreakSmart
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