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How to customize an Android home screen, part 2: Shortcuts and icons

With the basics of Android launchers out of the way, it’s time to go in-depth with the various aspects of customizing an Android device. First

July 10, 2012 Android, Features, Tablets

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean going open source today

After the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean announcement at the Google I/O convference, we reported on the 4.1 ROM that had been pushed to the Galaxy

July 09, 2012 Android, Software Updates

Samsung to update AT&T Galaxy Note to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich tomorrow

The Samsung Galaxy Note was one of last year’s most unique devices. On top of some incredibly awesome and useful stylus recognition technology (and the

July 09, 2012 Android

Jelly Bean version of Google Music makes its way to ICS

The Jelly Bean version of Google Music has been ported and modified to work with Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs. I’ve currently only confirmed it to

July 09, 2012 Android, Good and EVO

Verizon postpones its Samsung Galaxy S III release date to July 12

The Samsung Galaxy S III is obviously a very popular device. There have already been delays for the device on other carriers like Sprint and

July 09, 2012 Android

HTC One X is coming soon to TELUS in Canada

After a brief period of exclusivity, it looks like more carriers than just Rogers will carry HTC’s flagship handset, the HTC One X; TELUS now

July 09, 2012 Android

Warning: Don’t sit on your HTC EVO 4G LTE

Here’s a particularly painful way to start your Monday: one very unfortunate HTC EVO 4G LTE user just discovered the weakest point on his device.

July 09, 2012 Android, Good and EVO

Task for Tasker that speaks the weather forecast [Download]

Lately I’ve been lending a hand to someone trying to make a Tasker task that speaks the weather forecast out loud and can be used with other

July 09, 2012 Android, Apps

Unified Remote update “accidentally” allows for remote shortcuts in non-launchers, here’s how

Unified Remote is one of my favorite Android apps ever. It’s an app that connects to a PC-side server program and allows you to control

July 08, 2012 Android, Apps

Judge Lucy Koh grants temporary stay on ban of US sales of Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Oh, take that, Apple! Samsung has just been granted a temporary stay on the ban of US sales of the Galaxy Nexus, which means that

July 06, 2012 Android, Apple
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