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Archos releases tablet aimed at children

Archos announced today a new tablet that is designed to “offer hours of entertainment for all ages, especially kids,” the Archos ChildPad. It is pretty affordable

March 02, 2012 Android, Tablets

Samsung wins one and loses one in ongoing Apple patent battle

Ah yes, more patent news. Every single day numerous companies in the tech world sue one another, with one of the biggest battles occurring between

March 02, 2012 Android, Apple

Archos Arnova 7c G3 has a 7-inch screen, runs Android 4.0

Archos has had a long history of producing pretty decent tablets at a relatively affordable price. Recently, however, the company has stayed out of the

March 02, 2012 Android, UMPC

Samsung to begin producing flexible displays this year

In the past, we have seen quite a few protypes and concepts for flexible devices and displays that were quite impressive. They were, though, just

March 02, 2012 Android

Samsung Galaxy S III to be announced and launched in April?

Mobile World Congress is over. There were a lot of great device announcements, but one company was relatively quiet during the event: Samsung. It was widely

March 02, 2012 Android

New Google patent shows gestures for front-facing camera, kicks Apple in the hindquarters

Patents, patents, patents. They're a hot topic in the tech world right now, just like the lawsuits that are produced from them. And again, like

March 02, 2012 Android

GO Launcher HD beta available for testing

GO Launcher EXs my…eh… GO to Launcher on my Android phone, but I prefer ADW Launcher EX on my Android tablet because you can deactivate

March 02, 2012 Android, Apps, Tablets

Get extra security with Kaspersky Tablet Security

If you are on the lookout for an extra layer of security for your Android tablet, then you might be interested in Kaspersky Tablet Security.

March 01, 2012 Android, Apps, Tablets

OnLive Desktop hits Android

OnLive Desktop is OnLive’s virtual PC system that allows you to connect to a OnLive-hosted Windows desktop from your tablet, giving you access to true

March 01, 2012 Android, Apps, Tablets

Verizon officially responds to locked bootloader complaints

Because they are designed to prevent users from modifying or installing new software on their devices, locked bootloaders are a touchy topic in the Android

March 01, 2012 Android
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