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How tied are you into your respective smartphone or tablet ecosystem?

So you're buying up a ton of apps on your Galaxy Nexus. Or your iPhone 4S. Or even your Lumia 710. But a couple of

January 20, 2012 Android, Apple, Features

Amazon Kindle Fire review

This fall, Amazon surprised everyone with the release of the Kindle Fire. There had been a couple clues beforehand, but still no one expected the

January 20, 2012 Android, Reviews, UMPC

LG X3 quad-core HD smartphone leaks

Lately, LG has really been upping their game in the mobile market. Just a week or so ago, they announced the Spectrum, a phone with

January 20, 2012 Android

Motorola Xoom ICS update is now available

Motorola Xoom owners should begin seeing this update the next time they are connected to a WiFi network. This update is for US, WiFi only

January 19, 2012 Android, Tablets

Wikipedia releases official Android app

Wikipedia apps aren’t the most exciting apps out there, partly because the website works well and partly because there are a hundred billion third party

January 19, 2012 Android, Apps, Tablets

Lenovo IdeaPad A1 gets CyanogenMod, potential for Ice Cream Sandwich

The Lenovo IdeaPad A1, while less popular than the Kindle Fire, is nevertheless a great option for those looking for an Android tablet on the

January 19, 2012 Android, UMPC

Google acquisition of Motorola approval deadline set for February 13

The world of technology seems to hold some of the worst legal practices. There's always something going wrong with patents, mergers, or complete buyouts these

January 19, 2012 Android

Samsung Galaxy S II makes up a quarter of phones owned by South Koreans

While we all had some suspicions of Samsung's Galaxy S II line being very successful, this release of information from Samsung pretty much confirms it.

January 19, 2012 Android

Here’s a word of warning on Samsung and DVI to HDMI

I’m currently sporting two high performance Samsung devices, a Galaxy S II and Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus. Both are more capable of playing video than

January 18, 2012 Accessories, Android, Tablets

CM9 Alpha 0 is released for the Touchpad

Just a few days ago I posted a video showing off CyanogenMods version of Ice Cream Sandwich on the HP Touchpad. I said that hopefully

January 18, 2012 Android, Hacks, Tablets
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