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Android distribution as of Feb 2016 4

No one wants new Android releases?

In a piece probably designed to get people talking about ZDNet, an author over there writes that due to Android Marshmallow only reaching 7.5 percent of market share

May 04, 2016 Android, Good and EVO
htc 10 special 2

HTC 10 Preorder special evidently skips Sprint

If you’re subscribed to the HTC special deals email you may have found yourself on the HTC 10 pre-orders page a few times looking at the

May 04, 2016 Android, Good and EVO
Samsung Galaxy S7 5

Two things I’ve been up to on the Galaxy S7

Surprisingly Paul King has a Samsung Galaxy S7. That Paul King is not me. It’s my dad, and I got to play with it for

May 03, 2016 Android, Good and EVO
Google Keyboard 5 9

There’s a new Google Keyboard in town, and it’s flippin’ sweet

Whether you use Google Keyboard or you’re using your phone incorrectly, the keyboard app has been updated to version 5.something (rolling out slowly, or download

May 03, 2016 Android, Good and EVO

New Chrome Beta drops system recents integration for its own

If you had multiple tabs open in Chrome Beta, up until now they were all accessible via the recents button. Chrome Beta updated yesterday and gone

April 28, 2016 Android, Good and EVO

Benson Leung won’t recommend HTC 10, LG G5

Benson Leung is a Google Engineer on a quest to make USB-C right, and he wants you to know that the HTC 10 and LG

April 21, 2016 Android, Good and EVO

Some thoughts from Cupcake to New York Cheesecake, looking at what’s come before

As mentioned yesterday, I’ve been dealing with a sick kid for the past few days. Not a lot of free arms to play with much

April 21, 2016 Android, Good and EVO

HTC 10 specs (and evidently phone) are out and it’s impressive

It appears (going by HTC’s order page,) that for unlocked, AT&T and T-Mobile the HTC 10 is available for order and in stock with CDMA

April 12, 2016 Android, Good and EVO

Fun with developer previews

I’ve got Android N Developer preview on my Nexus 9 mostly because I wanted to see what Google previews on Google devices work like. Note

April 11, 2016 Android, Good and EVO

Phone manufacturer denies 50 Cent involvement

I usually don’t pass along press releases, but they also don’t usually involve a company denying ties with 50 Cent and a British YouTube entertainment report claiming

April 08, 2016 Android, Good and EVO
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