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Perfect UMPC = iPhone?

We all know that the iPhone is a widescreen iPod, revolutionary phone, and breakthrough Internet device. But did you know that it’s also a UMPC

January 15, 2007 Apple, UMPC

Apple unveils iPhone at Macworld

Apple fans wanted two things: the iPhone and the widescreen, touchscreen iPod. Just hours ago, they got both and a lot more in one device:

January 09, 2007 Apple

iChat Portable or iPhone?

TechEBlog has just posted a couple of "leaked" photos of the iChat Portable, which they say will feature a slide-out keyboard, custom OS, flash memory

January 05, 2007 Apple

Macworld to kick iPhone off rumor mill?

Apple’s former head of federal sales, David Sobotta, thinks the company is finally ready to officially unveil the "real" iPhone (or whatever it’s called) and

January 04, 2007 Apple

5G iPod tops Amazon's "Best of 2006" list

With the amount of advertising it gets and the number of times I see it cradled in the hands of someone on the street, it

December 28, 2006 Apple, MP3 Players

Ring in the new year with the iPhone?

Just release it already! Hot off the heels of the recently granted Apple iPhone patent comes word from Digg and Diggnation’s Kevin Rose that the

December 03, 2006 Apple

Apple to increase DRM for more movies?

If Apple wants to sell movies from Paramount, Universal, 20th Century Fox, and Warner Bros. at the iTunes Store, it may need to add another

November 29, 2006 Apple

iPod owners get everything!

Not content with dominating only the digital audio player market, Apple has set its sights on the world of transportation. This summer the company announced

November 14, 2006 Apple, MP3 Players
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