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Seidio Ledger for iPad Air redo 1

Seidio Ledger iPad Air flip case review

We’ve got the winner’s announcement coming up a little later today (I wonder if you can still enter the contest?), assuming my internet holds out.

February 17, 2014 Accessories, Apple, Reviews
lumia 1

Microsoft offering Nokia Lumia 1020, Lumia 1520 for free with iPhone or Galaxy S2 trade-in

If you’re itching to get rid of your old smartphone to switch to a new Windows Phone, you’re in luck: Microsoft is currently holding a

February 06, 2014 Apple, Microsoft, Tips & Deals
Seidio Ledger for iPad Air 9

You could win a Seidio Ledger iPad Air flip case!

Our friends at Seidio have a new product out for the iPad Air called the Seidio Ledger Flip Case, and they are going to give

January 31, 2014 Apple, Giveaways
Whoosh Screen Shine Pocket Cleaning Kit 0

Whoosh Screen Shine review

Your phone is filthy, and the germs on it will kill you and everyone you love. Well, probably not, but a few of the companies

January 31, 2014 Accessories, Apple, Good and EVO, Reviews
Sleeping Android 4

Solving sleepless nights with software (attempt 1)

As some of you probably have noticed, my posts on Pocketables come at all times of day and night, and some of the reasoning behind

January 30, 2014 Android, Apple, Good and EVO
Bluetooth Smart Ready 6

Bluetooth Smart doesn’t always require a new phone

You may have seen the explosion of fitness devices and new products touting that they use or incorporate Bluetooth Smart, Bluetooth 4, or Bluetooth Low

January 27, 2014 Android, Apple, Good and EVO 0

PhotoFast i-FlashDrive review

The photoFast i-FlashDrive is an unpowered USB transfer device for Android, iPad 1-Air, iPhones 3-5, Windows, Linux most likely, you name it. I’d say it’s

January 23, 2014 Accessories, Android, Apple, Reviews
Evasi0n main screen 0

evasi0n Jailbreak updated to fix bootloops on iPad 2 WiFi

The evasi0n jailbreak app was updated since our last piece on it to allow jailbreaking of the WiFi-only iPad 2. Previously the jailbreak would cause boot

January 10, 2014 Apple
Dish 1 0

Processing CES: The DISH Network press conference

On Monday morning, between the Huawei and Samsung press conferences, Paul and I decided to head over to the DISH Network press conference, in which

January 09, 2014 Android, Apple, Features
ipad-mini-still-only-1st 0

Top 10 Apple/iOS posts of 2013 on Pocketables

Earlier today we kicked off our New Year’s celebrations by going over the top 10 posts about HTC and Sprint on Pocketables from throughout 2013

December 30, 2013 Apple, Features
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