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Bobine Watch Charging Stand by FUSE Chicken 1

Bobine Watch Charging Stand for Apple Watch review

When the Apple Watch came about, there were many complaints, but what I have heard most annoying is that when you’re charging it, it’s pretty

July 06, 2015 Accessories, Apple, Reviews

WWDC: Announcements From Apple Show Interesting Developments

The following article is a guest post by Maria Ramos. The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is an annual event held by Apple to let

June 15, 2015 Apple, Features
Sad Mac iPhone wallpaper 1

iPhone messaging bug causes phones to shut down

According to The Guardian, sending a certain message to any iPhone will cause the recipient’s phone to shut down and reboot. The issue appears to

May 27, 2015 Apple
HiSmart controls 0

Win an Apple Watch and HiSmart bag

HiSmart is a crowdfunded wearable product by Lepow, the makers of one of my favorite chargers. It reached its funding goal in a mere 30 hours and

May 07, 2015 Accessories, Apple, Giveaways
Bobine by Fuse Chicken 1

Bobine iPhone dock review

The Bobine is a flexible charging cable that’s rigid enough to hold your iPhone upright and act as a pretty good tripod for filming videos

May 06, 2015 Accessories, Apple, Reviews
Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight 0 Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight review (updated) Overall Score

Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight review (updated)

Four years ago if someone said I’d be playing with an internet connected nightlight in 2015 I would probably have thought I must be going through

April 30, 2015 Android, Apple, Good and EVO, Reviews
Apple Watch 5

Apple Watch announced, priced $349-$10,000

April 24, 2015, is the official release date of the Apple Watch, which comes with a price range between $349 and $10,000 (yes, ten thousand dollars).

March 09, 2015 Apple, Good and EVO
Android eat Apple 4

Report claims iOS 8 10% less stable than Lollipop

Let me preface this by saying I am indeed an Android fanboy. However, I also have a variety of iOS devices scattered throughout my house and

February 13, 2015 Android, Apple, Good and EVO
No Education 14

CNN Money claims Android users are dumber

In one of those reports that make you remember that Yahoo still exists, a clickbait CNN Money piece from last week claimed that the Chitika Network

January 26, 2015 Android, Apple, Good and EVO

Word of warning: don’t give baby an iPhone 6

A friend of ours came over this weekend, which is how I learned to not give a baby an iPhone 6. While this might sound

December 15, 2014 Apple
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