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Nintendo DS Lite to be crowned Gadget of the Year

Just because your favorite candidate may not have won yesterday’s election doesn’t mean that the polls are closed. Time magazine is making the most of

November 08, 2006 Apps

Nintendo DS: Educational tool in Japan

Upperclassmen at a high school in Yawata City, Japan, are now officially the envy of school kids everywhere. When the bell rings each morning, students

October 23, 2006 Apps

DS Lite injected with life

Perhaps you’ve heard the good news that Nintendo will release lovely pink DS Lites in mid-July. I’ve read rumors about black ones, too. Anyone else

June 28, 2006 Apps

Super Nintendo DS games

A few days ago, I picked up New Super Mario Bros. and Super Princess Peach for my Nintendo DS. I haven’t touched either of them

June 27, 2006 Apps
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