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Google Photos 0

Google Photos released as a standalone

While we’ve got Google Plus integration, Picasa if it’s still around, and a Drive option for photos, Google Photos has been released as its own thing,

May 28, 2015 Apps, Good and EVO
Sad Mac iPhone wallpaper 0

iPhone messaging bug causes phones to shut down

According to The Guardian, sending a certain message to any iPhone will cause the recipient’s phone to shut down and reboot. The issue appears to

May 27, 2015 Apple
Fiber Optic cable warning 0

Google Fiber, AT&T’s Gigapower, Comcast Gigabit Pro coming to Nashville

If you’re in Nashville you’ve probably noticed a lot of orange paint on the sidewalks and even a few random buttons claiming fiber’s there or about

May 27, 2015 Editorials, Good and EVO
Microsoft Surface Pro 3 6

Two months with the Surface Pro 3

I was loaned a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 for an experiment. This was to report on a piece of software designed for tablets, the Surface

May 26, 2015 Good and EVO, Laptops, Reviews
Sprint Weiner 7

Sprint tweets, then deletes, saucy warning

The Sprint Twitter feed posted this gem and then removed it after about 24 minutes and only six people had commented on the very sexual/phallic

May 22, 2015 Good and EVO
TYLT RIBBN car charger 0 TYLT RIBBN 4.8amp dual output charger review Overall Score

TYLT RIBBN 4.8amp dual output charger review

The TYLT RIBBN is a flat, three-foot-long ribbon charging cable capable of delivering 2.4 amps to the cable’s end (which is either a Micro USB or

CHOETECH 50 Watt 6 Port Desktop Rapid USB Charger Multi Port 11 Choetech 6-port USB charger with Quick Charge 2.0 review Overall Score

Choetech 6-port USB charger with Quick Charge 2.0 review

If you’ve got a recent HTC phone, you might want to put the Choetech 6-Port USB charger on your radar as it includes two Qualcomm

Dlodlo VR 3

World’s lightest portable immersive VR glasses coming soon

Working for Pocketables, I get a lot of product announcements. The following is one of the three I’ve gotten in the past year that have

May 19, 2015 Accessories, Good and EVO
HTC One M9 11

Sprint HTC One M9 review ten days in

I purchased and received a new in box HTC One M9 off of eBay eleven days ago, and here are my impressions so far from

May 19, 2015 Android, Good and EVO, Reviews
Code thief kanger 0

A purely self serving reason to avoid kangers

Kanging in the development world is generally understood to mean stealing code without giving credit, asking for permission, and claiming you’re the developer when you’re not.

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