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Google launches new Play Store web version, but again fails at a very simple task

Google launched a new version of the Play Store on the web, and overall it’s a great improvement that is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and consistent

I wish more Android phones were like the iPhone 5, hardware-wise

At this point there’s no way I’m every going back to an iPhone. I simply rely too much on being able to customize my device,

July 15, 2013 Android, Editorials
2013-07-12 13.04.04 0

Taposé, the great iPad app idea that never became a great iPad app

The story of the iPad app Taposé is one I first covered back in the days of Nothing but Tablets, one of the sites that

July 12, 2013 Apple, Apps, Editorials

T-Mobile shows Sprint how a proper LTE rollout is done

Yesterday T-Mobile made a few awesome announcements, including unveiling a new program that allows customers to upgrade their phones twice a year at new customer

ipad-mini-main-608x397 6

Why my iPad is collecting dust in the “off-season”

I currently have two mobile devices: an iPad mini, and a Galaxy S II. Using two different platforms is something I often have to explain

July 10, 2013 Android, Apple, Editorials
t-mobile-htc-one-s 5

Disgruntled HTC One S owners petition HTC for more software updates

We reported last week that the HTC One S won’t get updated to Android 4.2.2, in spite of the fact that HTC promised updates for

expensive-plans 7

Farewell, decent cell phone plans, it was nice knowing you

Unlike the rest of the Pocketables team, I’m not American. I live in Norway, and a lot of things work differently here. One of those

July 04, 2013 Editorials

My top 10 most wanted features on Chrome OS

Chrome OS has become the operating system that I use on a daily basis to do practically everything: almost all of my work here at

June 20, 2013 Editorials, Laptops, Linux

Rather than bring LTE to you, Sprint now tells you where to go to get it

As most of us know by now, Sprint’s 4G LTE rollout isn’t happening quite as quickly as we had hoped. Network Vision is plagued by

June 11, 2013 Editorials, Good and EVO
HTC T6 leak 7

Is HTC planning a mini HTC One and XL 6-inch HTC One?

In spite of HTC’s claims that it is going to unify its smartphone lineup, and concentrate on one major flagship device at a time, it

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