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Old T-Mobile nationwide map 0

How to access better T-Mobile coverage maps

T-Mobile has been doing a lot of really awesome things lately, such as buying out competitors’ contracts and offering free data roaming around the world. One of T-Mobile

February 18, 2014 Android, Features, Tips & Deals
Nexus 5 on the View 1

Google Nexus 5 by LG spotted on The View

It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these types of posts, but this was just too much fun watching to pass up. In

February 17, 2014 Android, Features
Google Now bug 0

It’s not just you: Google Now bug hides some contact names in settings

One of my favorite features in Google Now is the ability to view commute updates for selected contacts (even if you have to be careful

February 13, 2014 Android, Features, Good and EVO
Play Music thumbs up 2

Tip: How to always keep your favorite music with you offline automatically with Google Play Music All Access

Google Play Music All Access is my favorite way to listen to music on my laptop, my Chromecast, my phone, and my tablet. My library

February 11, 2014 Features, Good and EVO, Tips & Deals
t-mobile-logo 4

Did T-Mobile really do away with contracts?

If consumers are to believe all the hype surrounding T-Mobile’s UNcarrier movement, mobile contacts are dead. The nation’s fourth largest carrier has been carrying on

February 09, 2014 Android, Editorials, Features
htc-logo-small 2

Could HTC’s 2014 recovery plans include a smartwatch and high end Nexus tablet?

If CES was any indication of what the upcoming year in tech is going to look like, it’s going to be all about wearables –

February 06, 2014 Android, Features, Good and EVO
google-logo 1

Handful of core Google apps get important updates

A handful of core Google apps just received some bug-fixing updates that also brought with them a few nifty features. Here’s what you need to

February 06, 2014 Android, Features, Good and EVO
Powerwash start 0

How to reset a Chromebook from the sign-in screen [Video]

There are lots of reasons why someone might need to reset a Google Chromebook, without having the ability to log in. For example, say you

February 05, 2014 Features, Laptops, Tips & Deals
No Microsoft Featured 9

I finally own no Windows products, and I’ve never felt better

It has finally happened – I’ve gone all Google. My phone and tablet run Android, and my main blogging computer – the Chromebook Pixel –

January 29, 2014 Android, Features, Microsoft
2014-01-06 20.53.36 12

Paul’s CES 2014 wow list

While I only had a limited time at the International Consumer Electronics Showcase, and there was no way to see everything, here are some of

January 15, 2014 Features, Good and EVO
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