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Tales from the bowels of CES 2015: Ebola comes to CES

It’s gotten to the point where Paul and I are getting close to one hundred emails per day from CES exhibitors, most of which are

January 06, 2015 Features
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What we missed at CES: ASUS press conference

So many press events, so little time – especially when only two of us from Pocketables are at CES! In any case, the ASUS press

January 05, 2015 Features
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What we missed at CES: LG press conference

After a long day of travel yesterday, and unanticipated transportation delays, Paul and I missed the LG press conference at 8:00 a.m. this morning. I

January 05, 2015 Features
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Random CES fun: Paul learns how to ride the IO Hawk

Have you got $1800 just burning a hole in your wallet? Do you think that walking is so 2014? Then you might be interested in

January 05, 2015 Features
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CES 2015, Day 1: Samsung press conference

Samsung’s press event is one of the biggest at CES, and we’ll be there covering it live. For live tweets, follow @nopking, and for the

January 05, 2015 Features
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CES 2015, Day 1: Panasonic press conference

Note: The internet connection at the Panasonic press conference is too slow for our live-blogging widget. Please refresh this page periodically for the latest. 10:05

January 05, 2015 Features
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CES 2015, Day 1: The Sharp press conference

Paul and I are at Mandalay Bay for the Sharp press conference at CES 2015. I’ll be live-blogging right here, so bookmark this page and

January 05, 2015 Features
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How to follow John and Paul at CES 2015

CES is pretty much the geekiest, techiest, nerdiest convention of all geek tech nerd conventions. And as Paul already explained quite nicely, it’s damn big,

January 04, 2015 Features
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Happy New Year! We’re headed to Vegas for CES 2015!

Happy New Year, Pocketables fans! 2014 was great, to be sure, but 2015 is sure to be even better. And what better way to ring

January 04, 2015 Features
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Google Nexus 6 by Motorola unboxing

It’s here. It’s finally here. After ordering and weeks of waiting, my Google Nexus 6 by Motorola is finally here. I unboxed it in the

December 17, 2014 Android, Features
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