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Dell Mini 9 and OS X revisited

This guest article was submitted by Chris King. Ever since Apple decided to make the switch to Intel processors from their long-used PowerPC architecture, users

July 21, 2009 Features

Viliv S5 enhanced by XP Tablet PC Edition 2005

This guest article was submitted by Hector Gomez. It's only been two days since I installed Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 on my Viliv

July 14, 2009 Features, UMPC

Why tethering plans don't make any sense

This guest article was submitted by Ben L. Cellular carriers try to make a dime off of their customers wherever they can. With all the

July 11, 2009 Apple, Features

The (long overdue) need for another spec: Pixel size

This guest article was submitted by Robert A. Anson. Question 1: Which screen has larger text and pixels, the one measuring 14.1-inches diagonally with a

July 09, 2009 Features

Gaming, the UMPC/MID, and you

This guest article was submitted by Steven Law. So, you're on the road and tired of listening to the music you have on your UMPC

July 07, 2009 Features, UMPC

As the iPhone outgrows its name, what's next?

This guest article was submitted by Chris King. When the first iPhone was released back in the summer of 2007, it laid to rest all

July 06, 2009 Apple, Features

Packing slowed down by carry-on gadget decisions

My husband and I are in the middle of packing for the last vacation we'll take before our lives are changed forever, and while he

July 02, 2009 Features

Mistaken gadget identity caused by unexpected delivery

Here's a little story about how procrastination and a poorly planned delivery can result in a missed gadget opportunity. About two weeks ago, I got

June 30, 2009 Features

First impressions of the mintpass mintpad

It's been a bit busier than usual here at Pocketables HQ, so I haven't been able to spend some serious quality time with my recently

June 25, 2009 Features, UMPC

Website load times: iPhone 3G S vs. iPhone 3G

Even though the iPhone 3G S isn't the major upgrade many were hoping for and most of its new features should have been included on

June 20, 2009 Apple, Features
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