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How do you define ultra portability?

The Samsung NC10 netbook I ordered for my husband’s birthday was delivered yesterday, and while he called it "tiny" and "smaller than expected" during his

November 22, 2008 Features

Sony Expo 2009 in Honolulu, Hawaii

Does anyone know which Sony department I should contact to request a refund of my time? Because I just spent an hour inside the Hibiscus

November 14, 2008 Features

Quick look: AT&T USBConnect Mercury 3G modem

The USBConnect Mercury is AT&T’s newest and smallest broadband USB modem. In addition to its size, what makes the Mercury unique are its integrated microSD

November 13, 2008 Accessories, Features

MID battle: Aigo P8860 (Intel) vs. Archos 5 (ARM)

Even though Archos isn’t using the “MID” term to describe its new range of Internet Media Tablets, there’s no denying that it is a mobile

October 22, 2008 Features, UMPC

Mobile Firefox alpha (Fennec 1.01a) for Nokia N810 now available

The real alpha version of Mobile Firefox (Fennec) is now available for download and installation on the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet. It popped up in

October 17, 2008 Features, UMPC

Mobile Firefox (Fennec 0.8) almost running on the Nokia N810

Though news broke just last week about an alpha build of Mobile Firefox (codenamed Fennec) being released sometime this week for the Nokia N810 Internet

October 14, 2008 Features, Linux, UMPC

Website load times compared: Archos 5 vs. iPhone 3G vs. Nokia N810

In my Archos 5 first impressions piece, I said that the Internet Media Tablet’s ARM Cortex A8 processor and Opera 9 browser create “the best

October 12, 2008 Apple, Features, UMPC

First impressions of the Archos 5

Though it’s been nearly a week since I hunted down and unboxed the 250GB Archos 5, today was the first day I really got to

October 10, 2008 Features, MP3 Players, UMPC

Packin' on the gadget pounds

My three-week stay in California comes to an end today. I’m settled in and doing fine at the airport right now, but I was definitely

October 08, 2008 Features

Is gadget lust diffused or fueled by waiting?

One of the things I’ve been doing here in California is hunting down the 250GB Archos 5 Internet Media Tablet that a reader told me

September 30, 2008 Features
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