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Are any of our readers going to CES?

Not only am I using this as a test post so I can get ready for my arrival at CES in about 4 hours, but

January 08, 2010 Features

As the CES madness begins, I’ll be joining in

Now that we've all had a few days to fully interpret those silly New Year's resolutions we make every January and realize that they're too

January 04, 2010 Features

Was your stocking filled with gadgets or coal?

Well, it looks like we've survived another Christmas, complete with all those crazy shoppers and bargain hunters, not to mention all that wintery stuff that

December 28, 2009 Features

Top ten gadgets on our holiday wishlist

With Christmas and other winter holidays quickly approaching, now is a great time to share some of the gadgets, both real and imagined/rumored, that we

December 01, 2009 Features

Archos 5 Android struggles to coexist with iPhone 3GS

Did you ever have a gadget that you felt you were supposed to really like but, try as you might, you could only just kind

November 12, 2009 Android, Apple, Features, UMPC

Kohjinsha PA series size comparisons

Gadget size comparisons are pretty common around here and since this is probably the last time I'll be able to put one together this year,

November 10, 2009 Features, UMPC

Website load times on ARM Cortex A8-powered mobile devices

While assessing my mobile gadget collection the other day, I realized that four of my devices are powered by CPUs with ARM Cortex A8 cores.

October 26, 2009 Apple, Features, UMPC

Next-day delivery no longer fast enough for Amazon

According to the gang over at Gizmodo, who picked up on an article from The New York Times, it is suddenly going to become much

October 15, 2009 Features

Rethinking the fate of 7-inch devices on Pocketables

Although there have certainly been exceptions, I've generally tried to maintain and follow a self-imposed "7-inch rule" here on Pocketables. What this has meant is

October 08, 2009 Features

My WiMAX test fails miserably

Over this past weekend, I was attending a work-related convention in Las Vegas, which just so happens to be one of the cities offering WiMAX

October 06, 2009 Features
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