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Could Apple be giving an assist to Android with the iPad?

When the iPhone came out in 2007, I was using a Sprint Treo 700w at the time, which was like my bazillionth smartphone, and I

April 06, 2010 Android, Apple, Features

Quick look: Fujitsu UH900 extended battery

Undoubtedly the biggest shortcoming of the Fujitsu UH900 mini notebook is its small lithium-polymer battery (2-cell, 1800mAh), which can be coaxed into working for 3.5

April 01, 2010 Accessories, Features

Google knows I enjoy the Nexus One, still sends subliminal reminders

Jump around the web enough, and after a while, you start to actually notice all those banner ads and how they're trying to pry your

April 01, 2010 Android, Features

Why I keep going back to the iPhone

Even though I've bought every generation of the iPhone on the first day it went on sale, I've never been able to use the device

March 31, 2010 Apple, Features

Mobile browser website load times: iPhone 3GS vs Nokia N900 vs HTC HD2 vs Nexus One

There are many factors that make up a good internet experience on a mobile device, but one of the most crucial ones for me is

March 28, 2010 Android, Apple, Features, Microsoft

10 tips for new T-Mobile HTC HD2 users

This is a revised version of my original 10 tips for new HTC HD2 users. It has been updated specifically for the T-Mobile HD2 that

March 25, 2010 Features, Microsoft, Tutorials

How motherhood turned me into a smartphone whore

When I had my baby girl four months ago, my life changed. I became a first-time mom for one thing, which in itself is monumental

March 24, 2010 Android, Apple, Features, Microsoft

T-Mobile HTC HD2: What a difference a carrier makes

It's not often that a carrier-locked phone bests an unlocked version in anything other than a subsidized up-front cost, so when rumors surfaced late last

March 24, 2010 Features, Microsoft

Nokia N900 is a feast first enjoyed in small bites

Have you ever gone to a buffet and been so overwhelmed by the selection of food that you go into autopilot mode and just take

March 17, 2010 Features

Giving in to Nokia N900 temptation

When the Nokia N900 was officially announced last August, I was among those who wished it had a bigger screen and wasn't a phone. I

March 14, 2010 Features, UMPC
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