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Fujitsu UH900 size comparisons

Following up on yesterday's Fujitsu UH900 unboxing and quick impressions of the hardware, I rounded up some of my other gadgets for another one of

February 24, 2010 Features, UMPC

Quick impressions of Fujitsu UH900 hardware

While unboxing the Fujitsu UH900 (LOOX U/G90) this afternoon, I couldn't help but quickly assess the hardware before I plugged it in to top off

February 23, 2010 Features, UMPC

What device(s) would you buy if $1000 fell in your lap?

If the above title worked to get your attention, please keep reading. I don't get too many brilliant ideas, this one included, but let's roll

February 22, 2010 Features

Are these “mini” versions of smartphones really necessary?

Over the past few days, you may have noticed the rather inordinate amount of smartphone news around the Internet, and it's perfectly understandable. With Mobile

February 17, 2010 Features

10 tips for new HTC HD2 users

This article was written for the unlocked HTC HD2 that was released in Europe and Asia in late 2009. If you have the T-Mobile HD2,

February 09, 2010 Features, Tutorials

Crafty modder adds full-size USB port to UMID mbook M1

For those of our readers who usually just visit our front page for the latest news bits, there's a whole other layer below the surface,

February 03, 2010 Features, UMPC

How much do you multitask on a mobile device?

Based on the reactions I've been seeing across the web since the iPad announcement, I've determined that I'm an oddball for rarely taking advantage of

January 30, 2010 Features, UMPC

Anyone else want an Apple iPad Nano?

It should come as no surprise that someone running a site about mobile devices with screens no larger than 7 inches wasn't really interested in

January 29, 2010 Features, UMPC

What’s so great about Android?

Windows Mobile takes a lot of abuse. It's been kicked around, spat on, demonized, made fun of, and generally just hated. Some people, regardless of

January 16, 2010 Android, Features

More photos from a little show we know as CES

After journeying to Las Vegas this past weekend for CES 2010, which was my sixth time at the show if I’m remembering correctly, I came

January 13, 2010 Features
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