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Mistaken gadget identity caused by unexpected delivery

Here's a little story about how procrastination and a poorly planned delivery can result in a missed gadget opportunity. About two weeks ago, I got

June 30, 2009 Features

First impressions of the mintpass mintpad

It's been a bit busier than usual here at Pocketables HQ, so I haven't been able to spend some serious quality time with my recently

June 25, 2009 Features, UMPC

Website load times: iPhone 3G S vs. iPhone 3G

Even though the iPhone 3G S isn't the major upgrade many were hoping for and most of its new features should have been included on

June 20, 2009 Apple, Features

Pre-mature Palm?

This guest article was submitted by Chris King. The past few weeks were pretty eventful for Sprint with the carrier releasing two devices that have

June 15, 2009 Features

Poll: How many monthly wireless bills do you have?

One of the reasons I didn't buy a Palm Pre today (other than lack of interest) is that I don't want to see a bill

June 06, 2009 Features

Quick look: Novatel Wireless MiFi 2200 by Sprint

This guest article was submitted by Chris King.   My wallet is in trouble this week because Sprint is finally adding some exciting new devices

June 05, 2009 Accessories, Features

No, I won't be camping out for a Palm Pre

This guest article was submitted by Steven Law. As I write this post there is about a week left before the alleged iPhone-killing, Sprint and

May 29, 2009 Features

Pocketables Rewind |

This is the first in a series of articles written by Chris King that will focus on devices that were introduced years ago and have

May 26, 2009 Features

Technology from a student's point of view

This guest article was submitted by Andreas Ødegård. Technology in school is a topic that has really been getting a lot of attention in recent

May 21, 2009 Features

Hurry up, Nokia: Your window is closing

This guest article was submitted by Chris King. It's hard to believe it's been nearly four years, but back in 2005 something was introduced into

May 15, 2009 Features
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