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Default Re: How to put your iPhone / iPod Touch into DFU mode

Originally Posted by pi$$ed off iPod user View Post
Hi Internetimm17,
Any other suggestions?? All I get is "iTunes has detected an iPod in recovery mode". I can't seem to get it into DFU mode no matter what I try and at this rate this peice of crap will be flying out of a four storey building shortly.
Technology is great... when it works !!
My unit is an 8Gb iPod touch 1G that only ever gives the USB connection symbol and nothing else. If I try to restore I get varying errors, usually 1603 or 1604 neither of which are very helpfull. And I've tried every suggestion under the sun that is listed on Google.
So, I'm open to any ideas that you may have, including going out and buying a Phillips MP3 player !!!!
If no response is received in 5 days the unit will be flying.
yours... totally pi$$ed off with iPods
Just Proceed with the jailbreak or the firmware update, DFU mode and Recovery mode are the same thing, all you do is hold shift on the restore option (in itunes) and click restore to select the firmware or jailbreak file to install...I don't recommend doing this, Greenpoison and other already designed softwares are more dependable.
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