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Default Re: Has anyone successfully moved swap to SD?

Originally Posted by mtotho View Post
. I think u can use the SD card as a page file.. just not the primary one.
From my experimentation, I have yet to get the system to create a page file on the SD card at all. I may play with this again later. Having a small fixed size page file on the primary drive is good for system logs and crashes though.

After testing, it seems that you cannot use the SD card even as a SECONDARY pagefile. Here's what I did:
1. Removed any existing pagefiles on SSD or SD through the System -> Performance Options -> Virtual Memory menu.
2. Rebooted, confirmed there were no pagefile.sys files available
3. Configured a small 50mb pagefile on SSD, and a 1gb pagefile on SD.
4. Rebooted, confirmed the 50mb pagefile was created, but no SD pagefile. If I go back to the Virtual Memory menu, it states:
'Total paging file for all drives: 50MB'

So. . . . It looks like I was wrong about being able to do this, and I would assume that anyone who thinks they have pagefiles on their SD card actually don't. But I'd love to be proved wrong! This is all assuming that you are running XP, I think there are no such limitations in Linux.

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