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Default What games do you like to play on your Surface?

Recently, I spilled a drink on my beefy gaming rig. If any of you are interested, I can list the specs - but let's just say that I am very, very, very upset with myself.

Since my only other Windows machine is my Surface Pro, I've been trying to find games that will run on its subpar iGPU. TowerFall Ascension, some emulators, and a few other light games have been absolutely fantastic on the Surface, especially considering that its screen is one of the best available.

I'm dying to get back into my Steam library to play some games until I can rebuild my tower. What games do you guys play on your Surface Pro?
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Default Re: What games do you like to play on your Surface?

Microsoft also released several versions of Outlook for Mac OS,though it was only for use with Exchange servers.It was not provided as a component of Microsoft Office for Mac, but instead made available to users from administrators or by download.The final version was Outlook for Mac 2001, which was fairly similar to Outlook 2000 and 2002 apart from being exclusively for Exchange users.
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