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Default Windows Devices...

Man, I remember the time when Pocketables was about UMPCs... Now, there's not a single "Pocketable" Windows tablet featured on this site...

With the new Toshiba Encore Mini WT7 (admittedly, crap), and the new HP Stream 7 (looks very amazing), I would've expected to see them on this site!!!!

A little disappointed and I feel that the focus of this site has changed too much.

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Default Re: Windows Devices...

I am in the Windows Phone Forum posting about my devices.
True, the focus may not be on PocketPC, I believe PPC evolved to the smartphone.
As it evolves, I abandon my hardware. First to go, PC, next, laptop, followed by the short lived tablet.
I hold onto MP3 player, only because my multi function BT supports it.(SD card)
In another decade we will be mourning the demise of the smartphone.
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