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Default Libretto W105 questions/problems

Hello everyone, I've been looking for an active forum to discuss the libretto w series, and it looks like this one if pretty active. My problems with my W105 are that about every 3 to 4 wakeups from hibernation the bottom screen will stop working correctly. When I touch the screen is moves the mouse cursor on the top screen. The only way I've found to reset this, is to hibernate (works sometimes) again or to restart (works every time). Does anyone know of a way to force the touch driver to restart without restarting the system?

The next problem is about every 3-4 hibernation after it is has finished hibernating and powered down, it will just start back up again. Almost as if a network activity if waking it. (I have this disabled btw). I have to hibernate it at least 2 more times before it will stay hibernated. Anyone have any issues like this and resolve them?

Also with regard to the intel vs toshiba drivers, are we declaring the new intel drivers stable enough to replace toshiba's?

Thanks for any and all feedback!

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Default Re: Libretto W105 questions/problems

The latest Intel Driver does work well with the Libretto...

I use Hybrid Sleep so I don't use hibernate often, but I have seen the issue occassionally when coming out of sleep. I can fix it by pressing the Home Button to expand and pressing again to bring up the bullitin board..
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Default Re: Libretto W105 questions/problems

Hello... im having the same problem. my touchpad is not really that working. i mean it runs/opens but it cannot be use. any suggestion?
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