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Default New msi wind u100 user :)

Well to cut a long story short
we just got an msi wind for my daughters xmas as argos had them on sale for 199 for the pink black and white models

so we thought they were cute little things so snaped one up in the sale
being quite impressed with the specs of such a tiny little thing i quickly decided to treat myself and get one for my self too

so we now have 2 lol one in pink and i got the white
both have bluetooth and 160gb hd's and both have upgraded bios so i can inable turbo mode

ive also started upgrading my one with a 2gb crosair ram card and a 250gb sata drive and ive also bunged in a intel b/g/n wifi card so it can handle my
n spec wifi network
a must if you have a fast network as it greatly increases page turning and loading of browser and of course the ram also packs a decent punch too
so my new little toy can almost stand up to my compaq presario cq60 109em

im very impressed with the big performance and its small enough to put in the car for the kids to use as a dvd player on the move and i can hook it up to my car sound system for some great movie action as i have a subwoofer and stuff in the car so movies sound great

well that rules out having to buy a tv/dvd package for the car as most incar tvs only come with a measly 7" monitor and i have a mobile broadband dongle
so if i cant tap into the locals open wifi spots i can slap in the dongle for internet

i was too scared to take my big laptop in the car on the move as well as we know they aint the most portable of things
but the wind seems to just take care of those things
ultra mobile and works well with my lifestyle and needs

one thing i did have to change was the operating system
as all my current pc's on the network use vista and the msi came with xp
not thats thats bad it just makes networking a frustrating busness
vista makes hooking up and syncing it much more easy

i decided to dualboot with stock xp and vista basic as i still need the vista os to be as fast and as stable as possible

i must admit it runs vista basic much faster then xp
its more than capable of doing all the tasks i need it too and also plays
my dvd rips without lag or glitchyness as most would expect

it also took all drivers from the driver cd exept the ethernet socket but a windows update soon took care of that and all is functional and working superb!

anyhoos i love the msi wind and i feel i may well probably be the best of what
any ultra mini pc can offer nowdays well its certainly one of the best ive had a play with in a long time

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