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Default Viliv N5 video play back!

Can someone share their "perfect configuration" to get HD videos playing without any lag or choppyness. I use my N5 to watch a lot of Japanese Anime with a lot of them in HD & as well as subtitles.
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Default Re: Viliv N5 video play back!

I don't think there is any such thing as a 'perfect configuration'. Currently I use VLC for most of my video playback. When I'm playing something that gets choppyness/lag/etc I'll typically play the same file with SPlayer. Not as many bells & whistles as VLC, but usually plays these more intensive files a bit better. Don't know how well it'd do with HD videos, but maybe give it a shot.
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Default Re: Viliv N5 video play back!

This guide helped me. 720 works. I haven't tried 1080p yet.

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Default Re: Viliv N5 video play back!

Make sure you have a DXVA capable driver (for Win7, 2030 (or EMGD1.8 2048))
Make sure you have a DXVA capable decoder (native Win7 H264 decoder, FFDshow DXVA, CoreAVC 3.0.1, MPC-HC. I suggest getting the Shark007 Codec pack (http://shark007.net/))
And make sure the player uses Haali MKV splitter. (I noticed Gabest splitter sometimes causes stutters)
This way i can play any MKV file in Windows Media Player (under Win7) without any problems. The FFDshow DXVA codec can 'insert' subtitles itself. Or you can use the VubSub plugin that comes with the codec pack.
Also with the 2030 or 2048 (EMGD1.8) driver you can use one of the latest nightly builds of XBMC and play pretty much any file with DXVA acceleration and subtitles. (http://mirrors.xbmc.org/nightlies/win32/) Of course make sure you enable DXVA in the settings.
I think the most important thing is to have Win7 installed. I think DXVA works much better under Win7 and even DXVA2 works with the latest drivers. (And DXVA2 isn't even available under XP)
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