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Default U810 xp tablet recovery disk

I purchased a u810 from ebay and it has vista business and is spose to have the xp tablet downgrade option but the seller didnt have the disk so i called fujitsu to get a disk and they said the no longer support xp and they wont send a disk. does anyone have the xp tablet disk they can copy and mail me or upload it so i can retreave it?? i am happy to pay for your troubles.
my email is landr0ver@hotmail.com

I am also still trying to find a nice u820 to purchase at a reasobale price, i saw one on ebay with buy it now set at 900 dollars and some change, to me that isnt reasonable for a machine that is at least 3- years old
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Default Re: U810 xp tablet recovery disk

I just sent you an email. If anybody else needs the ISO, please let me know via PM.
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Default Re: U810 xp tablet recovery disk

Dear evilJazz , I PM to you.
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