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Default n5 questions

iv had my n5 for abort 2 weeks now and have a heaps of q's

keyboard - i found 2 / but no \ has anyone found it? i only really wont it so i can type \\server-pc and c:\documents

the screen - the right side of my screen is a little flackey the guy that i boart it of sead the screen turns purple every now and then ...well if the screen is not opened fully it gos purple -_- he sead it needs to be re-glued i think the connects for the right hand side of the screen are coming out anyone know how to get in there to fix this

speakers - probably part to the above thing no sound comes out of the right speaker

gps - is there a easy way to find out if my device even has it will the gps come up in device manager? on the box it seas "N5 PRE 3G HOME 64GB" 3g. bluetooth and wifi all work fine

i think that's the bulk of all my noob q;s i have some more but ill save them for another time

thanks in advance for any help
and sorry for my terrible grammar and english
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Default Re: n5 questions

never mind on the gps did a COM port scan on 1 to 19 dident find any gps
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Default Re: n5 questions

Hope this is not too late to help.

Backslash key: The key with the forward slash also has in brown print a capital W with a line through it. This key will produce the \ when you press Fn and then the key.

To find your GPS, you must have VilivManager active. Then search for the program called GPSSwitch. This program will let you set the baud rate; select 4800 or 9600, then Apply. It will tell you the GPS is set if all is well, No GPS detected if it is not. All N5 models have the GPS so this should work for you.

The screen and speaker issues sound like damaged hardware; if you bought it used, probably out of luck but if it was supposed to be new then maybe whoever you got it from can replace it if they have more in stock.

Hope you continue to enjoy your N5!
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