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Default Dell Streak 7 brick - Help?

I need help.

My dell Streak 7, crashed.
I selected the option to reset the factory setting.
It resumed for ClockworkMod.
I did all the procedures I found on the internet, but none of them worked. Always returns to the screen ClockworkMod.

Select, Install from sdcard in ClockworkMod zip, and the message: no files found.
Any option always appears the message: no files found.
I tried to use it, the nvflash, but always get the message: waiting devide and does not flash.

I do not know what else to do.
Can anyone help me?
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Default Re: Dell Streak 7 brick - Help?

There is a specific forum for the DS7, The link is posted at the top of this forum home page.
What were you trying to do that you were using clockwork recovery? Wherever you got that from is the place you should be looking for help now.
Have you tried pin reset?
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