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Old 04-14-2012, 08:03 AM
Loraina Loraina is offline
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Default why upgrade?

I have an OG Evo 4g, running CM7 currently, and it does everything I want it to.
Besides having the latest and greatest, if you are planning to upgrade, or already have, why? My daughter recently got a Samsung Galaxy s 2 ii. It is thinner and lighter than my Evo, has a slightly bigger screen (and a removable battery by the way,) but my Evo does pretty much what her phone does. What will the new Evo LTE do that will be worth $200 and another 2 year contract? I am sure I am missing something.
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Old 04-14-2012, 12:10 PM
RonD RonD is offline
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Default Re: why upgrade?

Better camera - HDR to get better exposures
Faster camera - focusing, time to first shot, repeated shots
Camera shutter button
Higher resolution display
Larger display with barely larger phone width
Brighter display
4G LTE if you have it in your area
More memory for apps (big deal if you have a lot of apps)
Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Sense 4
Faster response
Beats Audio
25 GB of Dropbox storage
Google wallet
Thinner and lighter

None removable battery

Not as good looking as the OG EVO

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Old 04-15-2012, 06:06 AM
graham722 graham722 is offline
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Default Re: why upgrade?

Originally Posted by Loraina View Post
I have an OG Evo 4g, ... and it does everything I want it to.
I think you said everything you need to say there. If it really does everything you want it to, why upgrade? Too many of us are caught up on the next bigger and better thing. It's a symptom of a wasteful society. We let the companies themselves tell us what we want our device to do.

However - I am the extreme opposite and am caught up on it in a different way - I get paralyzed by waiting. I had a basic little Samsung phone on Voicestream FOREVER - in fact, I still have it and use it with an international SIM card when I go to Europe. I only upgraded to a Palm Treo when I switched to Sprint for work (mucho discount) and because I needed data. I then waited FOREVER to upgrade, and only did when the Treo was truly obsolete and I NEEDED something else. And I was in software support! Heck, I could tether my Treo and dial in just like anyone else, right? My colleagues went through 4 or 5 smartphone iterations along the way. It's not that I didn't want a new one, but I couldn't justify it and the new ones weren't THAT much better. Every time I almost pulled the trigger, I looked at what was coming next, and it was always better. The EVO 4G is what I was waiting for, and I knew it when I saw the specs. And I'm with you, it does everything I want it to. I am on the 3D now, only because my 4G died, but I would not have upgraded otherwise.

Anyway, the EVO LTE looks great and RonD points out some good reasons to want it. The camera is tempting for sure. But whatever is next will be even better - and Sprint has given me no reason to have faith in either their LTE development or even their continued survival. Unless I were frustrated or unhappy with my 4G, I would see no reason to upgrade at all. At the very least, I would wait and see how the LTE rollout does or doesn't go.
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