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Default Looking for good off-brand battery

I've had my Streak 5" for a bit more than a year and the battery life isn't what it once was, and I want a new one. I got one on Ebay that looks exactly like this: ttp://www.amazon.com/1530mAh-Li-ion-...3619140&sr=8-3. It didn't charge, it just endlessly switched between 1% charge and 0% charge with an "!" for many hours. I asked for a replacement, and the replacement both didn't charge and didn't really fit well. So, I'm getting my money back and am looking for a battery that actually works.

This battery at least looks different: http://www.amazon.com/Aftermarket-Pr...3619140&sr=8-2.

Does anyone have experience with the 1600 mAh batteries for the Streak? I don't need it to work better than a 1530 battery, I merely need it to work as well.

Alternately, does anyone have any other suggestions for where the get a battery?
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Default Re: Looking for good off-brand battery

Here's one I got several weeks ago after the original started holding a charge for only a few hours. This is a Lenmar, and I love it -- holds charge for about a day and a half, moderate usage. Free shipping, and delivery time was about 3 days.

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Default Re: Looking for good off-brand battery

I have and like the Mugen Power 1800mah battery. It's not too bad at $37.
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