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Default Removing the paint?

Hey guys. I have a red streak, and it has been succeptible to a horrible amount of chipping. It makes my streak look like utter trash with all the white showing thru. Anyway, I will be taking it apart soon since I broke the glass and the lcd, and figured I could just sand away the rest of the paint to a nice uniform white. Has anyone have experience in this? Will a fine grit sandpaper do?
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Default Re: Removing the paint?

I don't have experience with the whole plastic body, but I have worked with the metal battery back.

The battery back is completely metal and it, surprisingly took a lot to get the black paint off. I had to then fill in the recessed logo stamp with epoxy resin, let that dry, sand the epoxy, then spray paint the back with black primer for metal.

I have not used this site, but they sell the replacement housing:


...and replacement battery door:


I just googled and found this site which is slightly cheaper for both the housing and the metal back:


Good luck!
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Default Re: Removing the paint?

Just do a search on youtube. Try terms such as refinishing
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