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Default What's my S5 worth?

I'm trying to decide if I should keep my S5. I don't use it much any more. eBay doesn't have ant Premium models (128GB SSD, and 3G modem). If it's not worth much, I'll keep it around, but if I can sell it to guy the Mrs. a good laptop, I might part with it.

What do you think?

Many Thanks!
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Default Re: What's my S5 worth?

There is one listed on ebay today.

I bought my Premium used on ebay a year ago which came with 2 spare batteries all the accessories plus a W7 upgrade, and in pristine condition for $485. The seller also shipped it for free by FedEx. Hope that gives you some idea.

I also have an N5 and an S7 and I use all three of them. I already bought an S7, iPad, and laptop for the Mrs so she can't complain (about that at least).

You might want to keep an eye on that listing. There was one that sold a while back and as I recall it was for more than I got mine.

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Default Re: What's my S5 worth?

The 128gb ssd must be worth at least $200 ....
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Default Re: What's my S5 worth?

If you decide to list it, give it a 'buy it now' option and PM me. I would love that hard drive if the price was right.
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