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Default NC10 to LCD problem (driving me a little mad)

Hi guys a little help if you have the time, after messing around for the best part of the last 2-3 days trying to connect my NC10 to my LCD I still can't find a way to do it, weather I'm doing something wrong I don't know (I don't think I am). this is what I tried so far.

VGA out into HDMI in on Lcd, tv is set to input the signal, tv is saying no signal detected blar blar.

Installed the Easy display manager (was not installed for some reason) and the Fn-F4 keys where not working, there working now when I press them it's saying reconfiguring settings please wait but nothing happens.

Messed around with different resolutions, used extend to desktop or something, tried different Mhz settings, used monitor 2, generally messed around with different setting but still no joy. googleing hasn't thrown up any solutions.

I will try with another tv tomorrow but I really can't figure it out. I'm either missing something simple or the tv and or cable is dud.

Any help greatly appreciated,.
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