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Old 02-15-2013, 10:40 PM
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Default Valentines cell phone hell

Thought I would just list this out for the past 2 days

Valentines day, my friends C & P had a baby. They're both on AT&T. You had a one in eleven chance of AT&T working for you yesterday in Nashville. As I understand it, on the way to the hospital AT&T in Nashville went out.

They were not able to call out, calls in went to voicemail no ring. They resorted to hospital wifi to post on Facebook the room phone number to call.

Yesterday I had an appointment with some flooring people. I thought they cancelled. I learned today that they kept calling and getting voicemail and not leaving a message.

My wife also claims to have called me 41 times (I believe that translates to about 5). I also got a a few voicemails that never rang from various people. The only time I got a call was via Google Voice when I was sitting next to a phone.

I called my wife directly at work a few times (assuming BellSouth on those lines) and was greeted with fast busies.

Jumped onto Verizon roaming to see if things were better, they were not.

Basically the 14th was a complete loss of cell phones for me and my friends on different carriers in Nashville.

Just posting that, had nothing really except make a backup plan and always leave a voicemail
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