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Default Asus notebook with LED lights

  Start with a Small, LED Project at Home
  To start, I suggest home owners pick out one or two rooms in their homes where the lights are on most of the time. They will probably find that most of the bulbs are in the kitchen or family room, or a room a child uses frequently, and that’s it. Then, they can focus on changing the old technology and energy-hungry-bulbs to very low power, cool-vision-friendly, LED bulbs in those rooms only. It will make the most difference in the reduction in energy use, and they will see their electric bills dramatically reduced at a very fast pace.
  Look at the Color Temperature
  And when starting the process of changing old bulbs to LED lights, it’s also important for consumers to look at the predominant, color temperatures of the walls, décor, floor, furniture, artwork, or painting in each room. For example, white, grey, blue, and silver tones in the room would come alive with Cool or Pure White LED bulbs in the 5000K to 6000K color temperature. Or, Natural White or Daylight White LED bulbs in 3800K to 4200K color temperature would work where you have a mixture of colors from blues, grey, whites, red, green, orange, yellow, etc. And then, Warm color LED bulbs in the 2500K to 3000K color temperature work where most of your décor is brown, maroon and red tones, or there are dark wood floors or wall paneling and wall colors in the warm shades.
  Remember, it’s not the light that LEDs produce. It’s the light reflected from the objects it hits that enhances those colors. When you see the different color temperatures, it’s the light reflecting off of the walls and surfaces in the room. That enhances your décor.
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