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Default U810 60 Gig hard disk upgrade problem

I am trying to upgrade my U810 from a 40 Gig to a 60 Gig hard drive.
The U810 bios is 1.06.
The original hard disk is a Toshiba MK4009GAL.
The replacement 60 Gig is a Toshiba MK6036GAL and I am on the 2nd one.

The bios recognizes the 60 gig hard drive but on POST it gives an error: 0200 failure fixed disk.
This is the 2nd 60 gig drive to give the same error.

Anyone seen this before?
Whats the problem?
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Default Re: U810 60 Gig hard disk upgrade problem

This may sound obvious, but have you tried replacing the zif cable? Unless you are unlucky with replacement drives (some of the model numbers are not compatible) or have a hardware problem on the motherboard..
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