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Default Need Parts

My Viliv stopped responding to input - all input - so I disassembled it. I found that the ribbon going from the board to the input (surprise!) had broken its clip somehow while the unit was fully assembled. I tried to fix it and was unable. The little plastic bit that holds the cable in place came off, and though undamaged-looking I cannot get it to go back on. I'm looking for someone with a Viliv S5 for parts, particularly the little circuit board in the screen section of the unit. The wires inexplicably came off of one of the speakers while trying to repair it (discouraging, lol), so getting a new speaker would be cool, too (though I can probably fix that, just annoying). Basically if someone has a Viliv S5 with a broken screen and would give/sell the screen section or the entire unit, I'd be good to go.

I know you can repair those clips without replacing them, but it's so damn small that I have had trouble even manipulating the parts physically to try to do anything with them.. :/

Advice is welcome..

If worse comes to worse I'll buy another working S5, but I'd rather repair mine.
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Default Re: Need Parts

I was looking for parts to but cant find any on ebay
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