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Question Viliv n5 Mini PCIe Mods Ram? SSD? TV Tuner...?

So I was doing some searching and theoretically there is a possible ram upgrade or dual ssds. I say or because of the fact that they would use the mpcie slot. I'm posting this to get some input before I decide to jump on it in case it may not work. I don't have my n5 yet however for the ram there is such a thing that I found where it would essentially be intels ready boost 1-4gb mpcie ram card there are win 7 drivers so it would be feasible for some of a performance boost. As for the dual ssd there is a ssd you can get that has a built in data controller to allow for it to be used as a secondary HDD however it seems a little expensive. Any one perhaps familiar with the Intel turbo cache mpcie would it be a feasible performance mod? Well somewhat extra performance that is..

On a Side note would the Broadcom HD Decoder BCM970015 be really much of a help for the N5? Unless you are watching video and playing audio it wouldn't help much would it?

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Default Other Possible Upgrades

So I've been doing some searching and coming across a few interesting things...

For those that are wanting to do some alternate mods with their N5 those with the 3g modem may already have the antenna wires there but it is possible to get a tv tuner card and for the specs of the N5 it should be able to handle watching tv in standard quality with over the air signals. I believe don't quote me, that you should be able to attach the antenna cable to the built in antenna on the n5 as is done with the 3g modem

Another little thing I came across is a dual micro sd reader for the pcie slot http://goo.gl/qzld9 essentially it's possible to have another storage option other than the already included micro sd slot. If storage was an issue for you. Whether or not the performance of these 2 slots is better than the on board one already I'm not sure as I'm still searching for information on specs. All i can see is that they can be used for ready boost or as mass storage so perhaps it's possible they can be seen as 1 disc but i'm assuming not so much. You can also get this in a regular sd card size as well.

So in all fairness you can do some pretty interesting stuff if you can find a working mini pcie card.

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Default Re: viliv n5 possible ram upgrade or dual ssd thoughts...

I have placed a 64gb ssd on the mini pcie port of the N5 but it does not see the drive in the bios or on boot. Is there any way to make it visible? Please advise!
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