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Default GMA600 Drivers - Do Yushatak drivers for GMA500 work?

I am looking for custom drivers for the Intel GMA600. I believe this is closely related to the GMA500.

I'm wondering do the Yushatak drivers for the GMA500 work with it?

I can get 1024x768 resolution, but this is the wrong aspect ratio for my device (HP Slate 2). I just want to increase the horizontal resolution a little so it comes into the correct aspect ratio.

I looked at modifying the GMA600 driver, but I couldn't find in the INF file where you can add custom resolutions.

I know the display wouldn't be as clear as at native res (1024x600), but I just want it in proportion, so the 1024 needs to be bumped up a little higher along with the 600 which goes to 768.

I have no idea why they wouldn't just include the correct aspect resolution, even if it would look blurry it would be better than 1024x768 which is completely the wrong resolution.

I tried setting "Maintain Aspect Ratio" in the intel graphics property panel but it still stretches the horizontal res, instead of adding borders down the side, even this would be preferable.

Any chance of using the GMA500 drivers, or adding a custom resolution to my device which uses the GMA600?
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Default Re: GMA600 Drivers - Do Yushatak drivers for GMA500 work?

Contact me at [email protected] maybe can find a solution
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