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Default Cant find anything to replace aging Viliv S7.. pls [email protected]!

Im actually pretty mad that viliv is out of business. With better marketing, im pretty sure they could have made a boatload of money.

My S7 is aging and more and more problems are comming up. I just replaced the touch screen (DIY lol), and now theres some stuff going on with the power

1/10 times it will get past the bios POST screen due to insuffencient voltage being fed to the motherboard etc; but i wont get into that.

Its time for a replacement... yet i cant seem to find ANYTHING on the market nearly as good as the viliv s7.

needs to be:
- Small (under 10 inch screen preferrably)
- Long battery (over 7 hours of regular usage)
- Touch screen
- Convertible
- runs windows.

Someone please help
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Default Re: Cant find anything to replace aging Viliv S7.. pls [email protected]!

Fujitsu is your answer. The Fujitsu U820 with a 5inch screen or Fujitsu P1630 with a 9" screen and both are convertible as well.
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