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Default What device should I get, or keep my current one?

I have a Fujitsu U820 and I was thinking of replacing it. I don't dislike the U820, but I am just curious what else is available nowadays. I would like to compare because I haven't compared for 3 or more years. I guess my needs are pretty specific so I may stick with the U820, but I'd like to know.

What other small devices can run actual WinXP Tablet, Vista, or Win7? (I don't want some dumbed-down or forked version of these operating systems. Definitely not ok with Win Mobile, etc. I want to run all my current software on it.)

I like the size and weight of the U820. Would definitely go bigger, but not too much bigger. Don't want to go smaller.

Definitely want a device where I can use the touchscreen with my finger (not just a stylus).

Port to hook up an external monitor would be great. USB too.

Keyboard is kind of nice but I guess I could connect a separate BT keyboard if the device had none.

Thanks so much for any info.
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Default Re: What device should I get, or keep my current one?

What about a Dell Venue 8 Pro? It's relatively inexpensive, you can connect a Bluetooth speaker to it, and I'm pretty sure it meets all the other requirements you mentioned.


Do let us know what you end up getting... I'd be very interested!
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Default Re: What device should I get, or keep my current one?

almost tablets have similiar function.

If the device you owned is enough for you,there is no need to spend more.If you need another one,more powerful,then you buy.

Personal ideal LOL
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