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Old 02-28-2014, 08:25 AM
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Default So what do you want to see?

Hey all, just to give you a bit of insight into my writing (I'm Paul on Pocketables by the way,) I write based on problems people encounter. When I don't have problems to write about I do ROM or product reviews. Occasionally if the other writers are really busy or I'm overcaffeinated I'll do some breaking news.

With the EVO series nearing end of life and all possible S-OFF, root, unlock, upgrade, overclock, underclock scenarios pretty much written, very few new root programs that do something amazing, I'm pretty much running low on things to write.

For those that don't venture outside of the G&E tab, I also write a bit about iOS jailbreaking, Tasker (I need to get back on that,) Chromecast, and random stuff companies send me to play with and review.

I'll point out I'm not a paid product shill, I didn't even know I could sell out until this week while researching a product I'm reviewing.

I honestly feel like my three years of writing guides, reviews, how to do things for free that people want you to pay through the nose for, etc could all have been shortened to me saying everything was great about product X and you should buy it. Seems to work for some - hehe. I'm kidding... unless someone wants to pay me a lot to sell out... I've got diapers to buy.

My beloved EVO 4G LTE is also starting to show signs that it will be being replaced by something else at some point soonish as the Sense 5 upgrade really wasn't much of an upgrade and my screen is getting bleh. I need speed, and I need to see that speed without 4 large bubbles underneath the glass.

So, what's the future? What are people interested in seeing? Is there a new phone I should be lusting after? Any tips for software or neat things I've missed? Did I so get something wrong that your head exploded? Etc.

Lemme know
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